〔Information〕UCI-2 JICF International Track Cup 2020 Matsumoto Nagano

《速報》「第70回全日本プロ選手権自転車競技大会」菊池岳仁(岡谷南高出-日本競輪選手会)が強く雨の降る悪コンディションのなか、男子1㎞タイムトライアル決勝で1分03秒137の大会新記録で初優勝!レース動画 菊池は関東チームで出場したチームスプリントでも優勝を果たした。〔5月29日〕 【結果】「TOUR OF JAPAN 最終総合順位」28位:山田拓海(EFD/飯田風越出) 33位:佐藤大志(SUN/下諏訪向陽出) 47位:横山航太(SMN/篠ノ井高出)長野県出場者全員が完走を果たした。〔5月29日〕 【結果】「第25回全日本学生選手権クリテリウム」大蔵こころ(早稲田大‐赤穂中出)が3位表彰台に…〔5月28日〕 【結果】「KENDA DOWNHILL SERIES 第3戦」女子エリート3位:原つばさ(白馬MTBクラブ)7位:原みらい(白馬MTBクラブ) 小学生中学年クラス2位:新沢隼世(大町マウンテンバイクトレイルクラブ)〔5月28日〕

〔Information〕JICF International Track Cup 2020 Matsumoto Nagano


JICF International Track Cup 7th Edition

Organizer:Japan Intercollegiate Cycling Federation

Class: Sanctioned by UCI as “Track CLASS-2” event

Date: 4th-5th JULY. 2020(Saturday-Sunday)


Official Technical guide (PDF:JICF)





2018 JICF International Track cup



All type of teams including UCI, National, Club teams are acceptable. The maximum
number per team : twelve (12) riders (maximum 6 Men and 6 Women) and three (3)


Rules and Regulations & Penalty

The rules of this event will be conducted in accordance with the latest Regulations of
the International Cycling Union (UCI),as Class 2 event. The UCI penalty is the only
one applicable.


Age of Competitors

Participation in Elite Categories shall be open to riders aged 18 and over. Junior
Categories shall be open to riders 17 & 18 years old.
*Riders of the age 18 can decide whether they want to race the entire race as elite or


Registration Procedure

All National Federations, teams, or clubs shall return the entry form by number before
15th May 2020 and entry form by name before 31st May 2020 by email.

E-mail: Japan Intercollegiate Cycling Federation:  jicf.international@gmail.com
Website: https://jicf.info/jicf-international-track-cup/


Tentative Schedule

2nd or 3rd. July 
Arrival of  Over see Teams
18:00- License check and confirmation of starters (at Accomodation)

4th. July (SAT) 
09:00 Team Managers’ Meeting (at Track Venue) 
11:00- RACE Day 1

5th. July (SUN)
08:30- RACE Day 2
17:00- Departure of Teams 出発

6th July (MON) 
AM Departure of Teams 出発



UCI class2 Events – Omunium, Madhison, Sprint, Keirin


Memorial goods will be presented to the first 3 riders of each event.


Uniform/Team Jersey

Competitors must wear their team jerseys under the UCI’s apparels regulations.


License control / Confirmation of starters / Body number issue

18:00-19:00 on 3rd July 2020 at OFFICIAL ACCOMODATION.


Team Managers’ Meeting

The team managers’ meeting will be held at 9:00 on 4th July 2020 at TRACK VENUE.
It is compulsory for team manager or team representative to attend the team
managers’ meeting.


Team Representation

Each team shall designate a Team Manager. The Team Manager shall represent the
team. Any contact with the teams shall be made through the Team Manager. Team
manager have to have their valid license


Official Accomodation



2018&19 Race Preview(EG only)









MATSUMOTO Misuzuko Velodrome(333.3m)


Entry fee

Participation fee is 50 USD or 5,500 JPYen/ PP.


Air fare & accommodation

・The expenses of round trip air tickets to Tokyo/Japan and countries of origin will be
 borne by the participating team.

・All the participating team will be responsible for the cost of their team’s
 accommodation and meals. The organizer will provide the participating teams with
 special offer for accommodation, meals and local transportation.
 The first meal will be commenced at the dinner on 2nd or 3rd July and the final meal
 will be the Lunch on 5th July.

・Special offer in US Dollar, including accommodation, meals:
 USD $100.00 per person per night, sharing a multiple room for 4 person.
 (Please note that public bathroom with hot water shower is available, but no private
 shower is available in this accommodation. )

・Teams who send more members and arrive earlier as well as leave Japan later than
 the dates specified above, should have to pay for their accommodation at US $100 per
 day per person (on same room sharing basis) and also have to be responsible for their
 meals by their own.

・If any team requires single room, the team must inform the organiser 3 weeks before
 the team arrival. The expense for single room is US $150 per day per person. Any
 registration after the deadline designated in the Registration Procedure will not be
 guaranteed for the accommodation reservation and additional cost may be incurred.

 ※ Without domestic teams.


Airport Transport

 The Organising Committee will help to arrange van vehicle transportation from TOKYO
 NARITA International Airport(about 5.5h), or TOKYO HANEDA International Airport
(about 4.5h) to the official accommodation for each participating team. (And also
 from accommodation to Airport on way back) Cost of van vehicle should be covered by
 the team.(100USD/Person/one way). If your team needs help for booking car, please
 contact to organiser as soon as possible.

 ※ Without domestic teams.


Land Transport between accommodation and venue

 Official accommodation booked by organiser to about 20 min. driving by car.
 to track venue. The Organising Committee will help that transportation.

 ※ Without domestic teams.



 All participants (include but not limited to team officials, riders and their assistants)
 are aware that they bear their own responsibility for any injury, accident and / or lost
 that may occur during their stay in Japan while taking part in this event. Participants
 should take up a properly insurance before leaving their country in order to protect
 themselves against any lost and to indemnify themselves against any claims.



Enjoy Race!  and making good relation!! 
(BEAT CYCLING TEAM and Matsumoto High school of technology Cycling team)



Other Information



Summer, average temperature is around 20-30°C


Time Difference

GMT +9 hour


visitors Visa

Please check with your Embassy for VISA requirements before leaving your
country. If you need any official invitation letter for VISA Application, please contact
the organizer.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact.


2019 International Track Cup



2019 Race video











Japan Intercollegiate Cycling Federation 

 ROOM 408 Japan Sports Olympic Square, 
 4-2 Kasumigaoka-cho, SHINJUKU-KU
 TOKYO 160-0013 JAPAN 

Website: http://jicf.info/jicf-international-track-cup/
Email For this event: jicf.international@gmail.com






2019 JICF International Track Cup 7th Edition HP(EG)



Nagano cycling federation (JP)

Nagano Prefecture & Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association (EG,CH,KO)

Matsumoto City Tourism(EG,CH,KO)